How Childcare in Sunnyvale is so Important?

Pre school studies focuses  on theme based concepts designed  for an over all growth of the child. The activities are fun based and stress free mode of imparting knowledge through different creative aspects  focused on  enforcement of strong value system  in the child.

The curriculam is also  conceptually designed   towards child centred activity approach based on the concept of learning by observing , learning by doing . learning by practicing and learning by imparting that’s benefit of Pre school in Sunnyvale.

Thematic learning process thru  experiencing   an understanding  of examples of concept of right or wrong , Good and bad , fat and thin , Cold and Hot , day and night , big and small , long and short , loose and tight etc .

The learning focuses towards

  • Myself and around me
  • My Mumma / Ma’am  says
  • My grand Pa and grand ma says
  • Lets play
  • Lets party
  • Save nature


The most child attracted centre is Ball pool of different colours and sizes  .  this develops childs gross motor skills , reinforcement of colour concepts and social developmental learning process.

Another activity area is of  children’s stage area where the child learns self handling , discipline and etiquettes , Personal grooming , body language , public speaking  and becomes stage smart.

Accordingly , after school in sunnyvale learning process also differentiates with different age group of students.

Undoubtedly , accordingly it has to be structured and tailor made as per the  child’s pace of learning and will . In this case child’s interest and motivation level are given priority and accordingly has to be pressurised in a very slow motion to reach the defined goal in pre structured time line.

The creativity through and  craft studies not only increases their conceptual learning but also upgrades them of many learning and uses which come across in their daily lives. The teaching or concepts taught at school is taken care during after school timings and reinforced at home with help of parents through home works.

All learning activities generally revolves around concept of the week . outdoor  activities and visits opportunities during school timings increases immense knowledge amongst students and gets reinforced with parents participation and imparting knowledge at home also. Use of modern audio visual aids gives always a better opportunity of learning amongst the students/children which is increasing day by day .